Wind-powered Exhaust Fans


Aluminum Models

  • SRJ-24 : The Best in the Class
  • SRJ-22: The Choice of the Masses
  • J-14: The Small Wonder
  • SRJ-12: The Convenience Factor
  • SRJ-6: The Greener Future

Stainless Steel Models

  • SSJ-25 : The Real Corrosion Factor

Why Shrijee Wind Ventilator?

  • Intricate design to ensure maximum rigidity and minimum weight.
  • All “weather proof” Aluminum to ensure rust free performance.
  • Trouble free and smooth operation even at low wind velocities.
  • Vanes specially formed to deflect rain and any other water/foreign particles and ensure maximum hot air discharge
  • Unique pivotal blades to offer maximum weather protection.
  • Double shielded permanent lubricated ball bearings to ensure long life and no maintenance
  • Complete weather protection and smooth operation.
  • Specially designed adjustable elbows for fitment on all roof slopes.
  • All internal parts made of Stainless Steel.
  • Tested to withstand up to 235 kmph .
  • Can be easily fitted on Asbestos, Corrugated Asbestos, Galvanized Iron and Aluminum roofing
  • Also available with motor for areas having low wind

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