Batch Pan Automation

Boiling of Massecuite in Batch pan is a very critical operation as the Super Saturation of Boiling liquid inside the pan should be maintained in a very narrow range.

Shrijee provide the complete automation for batch pan to control the following parameters and valves

  • Vapour pressure to pan is controlled by regulating the steam valve.
  • Level is monitored and controlled by feeding valves.
  • Brix of the massecute is monitored & controlled by regulating main feed valve inlet to pan.
  • Pan Vacuum is controlled using the condenser automation.
  • Sequence of operations is given in the graphics for pan operation such as brix control setpoints, Washing steam, vacuum break logic, movement water logic, Cutover sequence etc.

Advantage of automation

  • Reduce the losses generated due to the human error.
  • Reduce the consumption of steam.
  • Reduce the process time.
  • Increase the efficiency of the process.
  • Increase the quality of the product.

Dual Continuous Vacuum Pan

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