Shrijee Automation for Raw Sugar Plants 

Automation helps sugar factories achieve greater control on all process parameters. It saves energy and improves sugar quality. It increases information transparency by providing managers relevant information in real time. This enables managers to take prompt decisions minimizing any losses.

Shrijee provides automation system for raw sugar mills. Shrijee’s experienced team will work closely with clients to identify the need for automation in existing plants. Shrijee will design, supply and commission the automation. Shrijee provides automation for the following sections in a raw sugar mill:

  1. Mill Section
  2. Complete Boiling House Section
  • Juice flow stabilization system
  • Automation for juice section
  • Juice clarifier
  • Evaporator system
  • Vacuum Pans
  • Sugar Melter
  • Super-heated wash water system
  • Sugar drying system
  • Condenser automation

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