Alcohol & Ethanol Plant

Evaporator & Dryer to Achieve Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge

Shrijee provides evaporation system to achieve a zero-liquid pollution discharge. This is important for running distillery and also safe for Environment. We provide solution - Waste to Re-Use.

We have Technologies for Handling Raw/ Bio-methanated - spent wash / vinasses to achieve zero liquid discharge with lowest possible OPEX and minimum possible CAPEX.

Highlights of System:

  • Proven technology and ZLD to re-cycle approach.
  • Heat integration for low steam consumption.
  • Less shut down for CIP.
  • Integrated evaporation scheme (Evaporation without Steam).
  • Stand alone evaporation scheme.
  • Concentration up to 5 % moisture and converting in to Powder form.
  • Recycle of Process condensate in process through Condensate Polishing Unit(CPU).