Alcohol & Ethanol Plant

Ethanol Fermentation Technology

Shrijee has proven technologies for production of ethanol by fermentation. We design Fermentation system as per client’s requirement based on availability & quality of different feed stock.

We have proven ethanol fermentation technologies for following Feed Stocks

A. Sugar Based Feed Stock:

  • Final molasses, molasses A, B and C.
  • Sugar cane juice, primary, secondary or sugar cane syrup.

B. Starch Based Feed Stock:

  • Wheat, Corn, Broken Rice, sorghum, rye.
  • Cassava, Tapioca

Our Offerings:

1. Continuous Fermentation

  • Continuous process.
  • Constant product quality.
  • Good utilization of fermenter capacity.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Higher efficiency less operating manpower required.
  • The process can also be automated with less cost and great ease.
  • Easy to control & trouble shoot, as it is a continuous process.

2. Fed-Batch Fermentation

  • Higher alcohol percent.
  • Higher yield.
  • Less effluent.
  • Lower residence time also help to maintain low bacterial activity.
  • Higher alcohol concentration ensures low bacterial activity in fermenters.
  • Suitable design to handle multiple feed stock.