Alcohol & Ethanol Plant

Ethanol Distillation Technology

Shrijee offers efficient, proven and easy to operate distillation system ensuring desired products with quality norms and quantity. We have Distillation Technologies for effective and efficient distillation designed on the bases of final product.

We Provide:

1. Efficient Distillation

Distillation system designed for lowest possible steam consumption. Assure you Low COP.

  • Low steam consumption.
  • Vacuum-pressure combination.
  • Best product quality.

2. Absolute Distillation

Ensure you potable grade alcohol with fine quality.

  • Produce super fine alcohol/ extra neutral alcohol.
  • Optimum use of copper and reflux ratio.
  • Vacuum-pressure combination.
  • Minimal human interference.
  • Best quality with purity.
  • Used for potable grade.