Privacy Policy

General Provisions 

This Privacy Policy is part of the website and shall apply to any User of This Privacy Policy describes the processing related to personal data which may be collected by SHRIJEE when the User has access and uses the Website. 

Collection of personal data

By using the Website and providing personal information, the User agrees that SHRIJEE may collect and use personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal data provided by the User may be retained by SHRIJEE to keep record of access to the Website by the User, to meet his expectation by creating a User profile, or contact him by email or by other means.

 SHRIJEE did not intend to retain personal data collected for a period exceeding the necessary period for the purpose of such collection.


The User is informed that SHRIJEE reserves the right to implement "cookies," which are small data files that can be transferred to the hard disk of the User to record information relating to the navigation of the computer on the Website.  "Cookies" do not identify the User but cookies are only used to identify information of the User browsing the Website. Cookies help SHRIJEE to see how the Website is used, to make improvements and update the Website based on data (such as the number of users connected to the Website) collected by cookies. 

The User may refuse cookies by configuring his browser so that the User is informed before the installation of a cookie, or by adjusting his browser to refuse cookies, if such functionality is included in his browser.

 Refusal of cookies may result in reduced functionality and diminished experience of the Website.

Use of data provided by the User 

SHRIJEE reserves the right to undertake studies and statistical analyzes from the information and data provided by the User, and to use the same for editorial purposes in order to improve the quality of services available on the Website. 

Links to other websites

SHRIJEE Website contains links to other websites owned by any third party for whom SHRIJEE has no control on the content and where SHRIJEE cannot be held liable.

SHRIJEE cannot be held responsible for the processing of personal data, the content and the use of any websites owned by any third party or any link contained in a linked website, or any changes or updates to such websites and to which access by the User shall be at his own risk and peril.

The User is requested by SHRIJEE to study the processing of personal data, applied to the website owned by any third parties and also check the terms of the processing of personal data when the User clicks or interacts with a link leading to a website owning by any third parties

Commitment of the User

The User shall refrain from any act which are detrimental to the privacy or reputation of others or any other person, and shall avoid comment, message or text defamatory, provocative, malicious or threatening. 

The User of the Website, when providing information and data to SHRIJEE through the Website, guarantees the accuracy and correctness of such information and data provided to the Website, and is fully empowered and authorized to provide the same. 

Any use of the Website is always subject to compliance with applicable law and any failure to comply with applicable law may lead to prosecution. 


SHRIJEE shall have the right to update and amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy when SHRIJEE deems necessary and without prior notice. The User is invited to read on time to time basis the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please read carefully the conditions of use of the website, before continuing browsing. You are advised to carefully read the Privacy Policy.