Filter cake / Press mud to biogas specialists

Filter cake also called as press mud is one of the by-products generated during sugar manufacturing process. Filer cake is a very good source of biogas generation, biogas generated can be used for power generation or BioCNG/CBG (Compressed Biogas Generation). J & F biogas gas several years of experience in setting up and operating press mud /filter cake base biogas plants.


Filter cake is a soft, spongy, amorphous and dark brown material containing sugar, fiber and coagulated colloids including cane wax, albuminoids, inorganic salts and soil particles. Filter cake is suitable for anaerobic processes as the sugars in filter cake are easily degradable substrates. We have carried out number of years of research and development activities to study and commercialize filter cake based biogas plants.

Sugar industry is a diversified industry generating revenues from multiple by products. Sugar is the main by product generated from sugar mills. Power generation from bagasse is another main source of revenues for the mills. Ethanol, Alcohol and Industrial Alcohol production from Molasses also contributes to significant part of the revenues. Filer cake once used for biogas generation will generate additional source of revenues to sugar mills.