Shrijee Biogas

Established in 1976, Shrijee is one of the world’s leading suppliers of modern sugar mills, sugar refineries, sugar machinery and alcohol plants.

Shrijee has successfully completed a 1,500 TCD sugar mill project in Zambia on a turnkey basis. Shrijee is also well-known for specialty steam saving sugar machinery that results in enormous savings and efficiency gains for sugar mills.

Shrijee has successfully executed 39 turnkey Process House projects for sugar mills and 25 Boiling House expansion projects. Shrijee has also successfully executed 7 turnkey sugar refinery projects. Shrijee has supplied sugar machinery to more than 30 countries.

Shrijee is offering complete biogas plant services in technology collaboration with a renowned German company – J&F Biogas.


Shrijee’s Technology Partner: J & F Biogas

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Shrijee Webinar

Shrijee's Online Seminar on CBG Generation from Sugarcane and Agricultural Residue on 27 July 2023

Shrijee has a strategic technology partnership with the renowned German company J&F Biogas, enabling us to deliver comprehensive biogas plant solutions. Our turnkey plants are customized to meet client specifications, drawing from over 35 years of European and international experience in handling diverse organic feedstocks. We leverage cutting-edge German technology for power generation or BioCNG production.


Together Shrijee - J&F Biogas offer world-class design and engineering services for constructing biogas plants using organic feedstocks. Biogas generated can be used for power generation or upgraded to BioCNG. Every plant we build is designed and built after understanding the specific needs of our customers.

J&F Biogas is managed by two experienced biogas professionals Joseph Vimal & Dr. Hans Friedmann.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is formed when bacteria break down organic material in the absence of oxygen, also called anaerobic digestion. Typical biogas composition consists of 55-60 % of CH4, 30-35 % of CO2, 1-3 % of H2S and 1-2% Moisture. Raw biogas can be upgraded to BioCNG/CBG (compressed Biogas) by using suitable upgrading technology. The biogas once upgraded will have CH4 > 95% and CO2 < 5%, which can be used as vehicle fuel or for various industrial applications or as replacement for LPG.

Biogas an all-rounder

Biogas is a true all-rounder; raw gas generated during fermentation process can be used for various applications. Biogas can be used for generating power and heat or purified to produce bio-methane/BioCNG. The digestate obtained after the fermentation process can be further used as high value organic solid and liquid bio-fertilizers rich in nutrients. Organic fertilizer contains adequate quantities of N, P, K and several micronutrients essential for plant growth.

Our offering

- Feasibility studies

- Project concept and planning

- Design and engineering services to setup biogas plants

- Technical and biological commissioning of the plant

- Optimizing existing biogas plants

- Laboratory testing and analysis of various feedstock’s

- Biogas upgrading technologies to purify biogas to natural gas quality

- Research and development


Raw biogas once purified is equivalent to the quality of natural gas. Purified biogas can be bottled into cascades and transported to end user location or the purified gas can be directly injected in to the natural gas grid. The gulf between domestic demand and supply of natural gas is widening is many countries including India. Domestic production of natural gas is gradually decreasing across natural gas producing countries. Imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by developing countries and energy deficit countries will soar in the next decade to fuel the expanding economies. With all these uncertainties and rising costs on LNG imports, domestically produced biogas would provide a cost-effective alternate to natural gas.